5 Reasons You Haven't Tried Doze Yet...

Over the last 3 weeks I've been asking folks (who know that we exist), why they haven't yet tried Doze. To be clear, these are the same people who have told me everything from how this is solving a big cultural problem, to how much they need it, to asking how to tactfully gift it to their crabby boss. But again, the one thing that all of these people have in common is that they haven't taken Doze for a spin.

Since nap culture has a long way to go before it’s truly embraced in any meaningful way, I wanted to share a few reason why many of you are still apprehensive about the idea of daytime naps...

1. "The concept is too foreign."

When ole Sammy Slumber comes sauntering over for some midday cuddles, your immediate reaction is to shoo him away with caffeine. And despite the timely relevance of his sleepy solicitations, you still can’t wrap your brain around the fact that there's actually a place that exists specifically for napping. To you, napping is for desperation, not optimization. 

2. “I don’t have time.”

Everyone agrees that on average, we have roughly 4.5 productive hours in any given workday. (When we’re hungover that shrinks to 1.5) So the rest of that time is devoted to idly chatting friends, browsing your social feeds, and having those clumsy conversations with “office strangers” because you lingered in the kitchen too long. Napping just doesn’t fit into the schedule.

3. "I’m not good at napping.”

Apparently, nothing is off limits to over-achievers as even napping is seen as a competition. But the fact is, even quiet meditation can reduce stress levels just as much as falling asleep for 25 minutes. So what you're really saying is, "I'm not good at relaxing..." 

4. “I’m glued to my desk.”

“It’s not about ‘being’ productive, it’s about ‘looking’ productive”. Many of you work for companies that are more fixated on your perceived productive volume than your actual productive value and, sadly, you’ve internalized this by mastering the art of ALT-TAB even while nodding off at your desk. You'd nap if you could, but you fear the crack of that whip. 

5. “I'm a germophobe.”

The reality is that you're probably a selective germophobe. Just think of all the filthy heads that haven't been cleaned from the back seat of the cabs you take... Gross. These pods on the other hand are disinfected after Every.Single.Use. So you're in luck, because I'm a germophobe too. 

So it’s clear that napping at work, or while “on the clock”, is a new concept that’s unfathomable to most of you as typically caffeine or “dealing with it” are the go-to options for managing daytime fatigue. But at the very least, I encourage you to consider Doze in your carousel of options for ways to make it through the day with some semblance of effectiveness. There is now a better way!

Until next time,



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